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How to Remove Pet Fur and Hairs January 11 2017, 0 Comments

How to Remove Pet Hair and Fur 

Have you ever looked around your home, car or on your clothes and wondered how to deal with all of the pet hair that just seems to be everywhere? We understand that a lint roller won't always be enough. You are in luck! We have compiled a list of strategies that can be used to deal with this annoying problem.  

Hard Floors

Electrostatic dust mops on hard floors are recommended to remove any pet hair. Using a
vacuum or broom can cause fur to go flying around and get caught up on other
furniture’s in the house.

Wool Coat

Try brushing the coat using a thick bristle brush. Push it back and forth over the affected area and see the difference. 

Carpeted Floors

Sprinkle some baking soda over the carpets to help loosen up pet hairs that are on the
carpet which will make it easier for the vacuum to do its job. Once that is done, vacuum
the carpet with a minimum of three passes to make sure it picks up most of the fur.
Another suggestion is to use a dry rubber squeegee or rubber broom to lift up
any remaining pet hair from the carpet. If there are darkened edges due to fur build up around your carpet you need to take a wet rubber glove, and with your pointer finger, drag it across the darkened edges to remove the buildup of hair.

Upholstered Furniture’s

To remove pet hair on upholstery, you can use a vacuum or a lint roller, or even a dampened rubber glove.

Air ducts

It is recommended that you get your air ducts clean annually due to fur settling on the
ducts and often gets recirculated. If your house uses other type of filters, it’s
recommended that you have those replaced and clean as well.


It is recommended that you place your laundry in the dryer prior to washing it by setting
it to 10-15 minutes’ heat free cycle which will assist loosening the pet hair on the fabric
before washing it. When the dryer has completed its cycle shake out each piece of garment before placing it into the washer. When the washer has completed its cycle take it out and place it back in the dryer and it's recommended that you use dryer sheets to help loosen any remaining pet hairs on the garments. Also, remember to remove the lint tray and clean it to remove any accumulated pet hairs prior to reusing the dryer in the future.