Power Pops


  • Dogs naturally crave tripe, and can’t resist the smell and taste of Power Pops! They’ll do almost anything to dig into another healthy, delicious treat. And Pet Parents will be happy to know that Power Pops are made with a single ingredient: Freeze-Dried Regional Green Tripe!

  • Dog treats are also a great way to reward your dog to let him know he has done something right. If you lure your dog into a sit, you can give him a treat to let him know he has done it correctly. Give him the treat the second his rear end hits the floor. This works for all behaviors. You can encourage your dog to repeat behaviors you like, such as lying quietly on the floor during dinner or sitting when guests come through the door, by rewarding him with a treat to reinforce the behavior. 

  • Freeze-Dried Beef Green Tripe- That's All!

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