Vitamin & Essential Oil Sunscreen and Skin Conditioner For Dogs


  • Most dogs have some sun protection from their fur, but they can get burned. Our all-natural dog sunscreen, created by fragrance specialist Gerrard Larriett, protects your dog from powerful UV rays while moisturizing their skin. The leave-in dog conditioner for dry skin contains enriching oils such as lavender and neem, which heals painful burns on sensitive noses and soothes redness on thinner coats. Available in an 8 FL OZ bottle, our dye- and paraben-free, dog-safe sunscreen is made in the USA and vet recommended.

      • Shake well and spray onto the dog’s exposed skin areas. Apply to their face by spraying some dog-safe sunscreen onto your hands and massage into your dog’s face, avoiding contact with eyes. Reapply if your dog gets wet or every two to three hours while in direct sunlight.

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