Chocolate Mink Bodacious Bucket

$123.75 $137.50

  • This is our gushy soft hat box style nest bed. Each bed is cut to order and is made out of a beautiful combination of rich soft real looking fur and a stunning decor fabric. The center is hand stuffed for cuddling, biscuiting and fluffing. The elasticized cover pulls off for washing. Inside is a fully cover melody of foams.

  • åÊ
    Round Small Short:åÊ20" round x 5" heightåÊ

    åÊRound SmallåÊ Regular:
    åÊ20" round x 7.5" height

    åÊRound Small Tall:
    åÊ20" round x 9" height

    Round Medium Short:åÊ
    28" round x 5" height

    åÊRound Medium Regular:
    åÊ8" round x 7.5" height

    åÊRound Large:
    åÊ45" round x 16" height

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks deliver.