Litter Box Hider


  • These designer hiders for litter boxes are sure to be a hit with your fashion conscious kitty. The Litter Box Hider is constructed with a high pressure laminate finish-- which protects it in the event of spills. 

    All the metal pieces are chrome plated and this box features a chrome plated "C" logo. Only top quality materials are used in the construction of this item.

    All new litter hiders have (2) hooks inside of the box so you can suspend a bag and easily remove waste while not spilling it on the floor.

  • The litter box hider fits the standard large size litter pans, it's perfect for 2 cats. It also fits many common pillow sizes.

    Front opening: 8" wide, great for larger cats.

    Outside Dimensions: 21.5" L 18.5" W 20.75" H 

    Inside Dimensions: 20" L 17"W 17.5" H