Warren London Pawdicure Box


 Product Information

  • The Pawdicure Box is a spa quality dog pedicure at home! Contains 8 luxury products: Paw Sani Scrub, Paw Fizz Soak, Grapeseed Oil, Hydrating Butter Balm, Paw Defense Wax, Nail File, & Nail Polish Pens
  • Start With Deep Cleaning - Remove surface grime with Paw Sani Scrub, and then soak paws using Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tabs. A great solution to provide itchy paws dog relief and stop dogs licking paws!
  • Moisturize & Condition Paws - Grapeseed Oil deeply moisturizes & nourishes the paw pads, and Hydrating Butter Balm uses aloe vera to provide surface conditioning. Both products are safe on noses too.
  • Protect - The Paw Defense Wax coats paws with a waxy layer to protect from rough surfaces including hot pavement, ice, snow, sand, and hiking trails. The nail file removes rough edges from nails.
  • Dog Nail Polish Pens Quick Dry Formula - Each box contains two Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pens for Dogs which dry in less than a minute. This pet paint for dogs is the perfect end to a pawdicure!