Hidden Dangers Associated with Holidays for Dogs
December 19 2020, 0 Comments

😘 Happy Holidays 😘

During Holiday dinners, there are many possibilities for your dog to consume something that can be harmful to its health.

The listing below are some of the issues to be mindful of when preparing for Thanksgiving and holiday meals.

  • When baking Turkey avoid giving your dog pieces of Turkey skin. Turkey skin is rich in fat and contains butter, seasoning, and oils that are harmful to your pet when consumed. The fat can cause pancreatitis, and also the seasoning and oil can irritate your dog's stomach. 


  • It is not recommended to give your dog cooked bones due to them being brittle and can often break easy and potentially get lodged in your dog intestine and cause internal bleeding.

  • Keep all Gravy/Buttery based dishes away from your dog due to them containing gravy, oil, and butter. These fatty foods and side dishes can cause Pancreatitis, diarrhea, or vomiting.


  • When using Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap you should properly discard them to avoid your pet from licking and accidentally eating it due to the smell of food on it. Swallowing these items can cause intestinal obstruction and bleeding. 

  • Chocolate is toxic to dogs and can also be fatal based on how much is consumed. Make sure that any items that contain chocolate are properly disposed of after consumption. Any bowls that are filled with chocolate and other candies should be kept out of reach of your dog.


  • When disposing of food make sure your garbage can is secure to avoid your pets or animals from digging around and eating items that may be harmful to their health and potentially leaving a mess.

  • When preparing your holiday meals, it is recommended you keep your dogs out of the kitchen.  This will keep them from getting burned by the oven or by any food that has been recently removed.


  • Poinsettias, holly berries, mistletoe, and Cedar Christmas trees are toxic to dogs and should be placed around areas that your dog has access to.


  • When decorating for the holidays, please be mindful of glass ornaments and candles to avoid your dog from potentially stepping on them or getting excited and knocking over a candle.

  • If you are having visitors or children over it is recommended that you educate them on what not to feed to your dog to avoid them from accidentally feeding them some chocolate or other fatty foods that are harmful to your dog.